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Day Trading: Take What the Market Gives You

If you’re an active day trader, the chances are high that you’ll trade a small number of products or you’ll exclusively trade a single product. By doing so you’ll have the benefit of learning product specific characteristics and becoming more in tune with market context. But there’s a possible downside to this too – sometimes […]

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From Stage Fright to Star – Developing a Winning Trade Method

I have been calling live trades in a trade room for over 4 years.  When I think back on the entire experience, it boggles my mind to think that I probably have called over 15,000 live trades; each individual trade, burdened with the weight of responsibility I felt for all my members in the trade […]

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Trading Chart

Increase Your Odds of a Winning Trade

As traders, one thing we love to do is trade.  I am not trying to be glib but the thing that we love to do can also be a curse.  Let me explain. Trading is nothing like any other job out there.  If someone that works in an office shows up for work and just […]

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Pulling the Trigger – What It Takes to Have the Nerve To Trade

What is it about trading that makes it so difficult to take action? Even managers and leaders of men can falter when it comes to placing a trade in the market. Being frozen and unable to pull the trigger is a common feeling, particularly with novice traders. There are a couple of reasons why pulling […]

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Are You Trading with Discipline? Eliminate Distractions and Sharpen Your Focus

If you are like me, your day is full of to-do lists and ongoing distractions that can take you away from your trading. Whether you are an active day trader or a part time swing trader, it can be very difficult to stay focused on the charts, but trading with discipline is paramount to success. […]

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