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Trading With Mindfulness – Trade Psychology

Trading With Mindfulness by James Kessick Up until more recently, meditation was seen as a little non-mainstream. However, the fact that there have been many scientific studies on the benefits of meditation and numerous high profile figures who have extoled the virtues of the practice, has meant that where people were once skeptical, they are […]

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Day Trading: Take What the Market Gives You

If you’re an active day trader, the chances are high that you’ll trade a small number of products or you’ll exclusively trade a single product. By doing so you’ll have the benefit of learning product specific characteristics and becoming more in tune with market context. But there’s a possible downside to this too – sometimes […]

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Flexibility in Trading

Flexibility in Trading is Your Key to Survival

Having a plan for what we think the market may do can be an important tool for a trader to succeed. But human emotions can at times get in the way and make us hold onto an idea by stopping us from seeing deviations in the market that change the prospects of the plan. Sometimes […]

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Emotional Sabotage: Controlling Emotions While Trading

It’s a funny thing really. We spend our entire childhood and adolescence learning to control and develop suitable responses to our emotions, especially strong emotions. We learn from our parents, our teachers, our peer group and our idols by observation and comparison. I would think that most people when they enter into trading would believe […]

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The Open and its Importance

The open is simply the first moments of trading during a product’s main session. When a market opens, its position relative to previous trading areas and the type of trading activity that follows is potentially a great early indication of possible movements during the rest of the session. Many will overlook the open, yet for […]

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