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How It Works

The Premier Trader University has been designed by traders for traders.  We focus exclusively on active trading – day and swing trading.  Our typical student is an individual, from any of dozens of countries worldwide who has an interest in succeeding at trading.  Usually about 20% are beginning this journey, about 60% identify themselves as intermediate level traders and 20% advanced.  Most times they are not trading profitably as of yet.

We’ve designed our curriculum to accomplish as much as possible in the shortest amount of time.  As you can see we will move you through the entire training curriculum in under 30 days.  In fact, many individuals once the class gets started find they can immediately start implementing what they learned in their trading.  Others might want more practice but there is no deadline or time requirement to start your live trading.

We continually support you with ongoing live training sessions throughout the week.  This is to both immediately answer questions as well as allow you to see the trading systems work and be traded properly in real-time.

The PreRequisites

Here we’ll make sure you have a firm grasp of the fundamentals of trading.  This ensures that everyone who moves into the Undergraduate portion of the program is on an equal level and knowledgebase.  Our Coaching Team has put together a multi-hour video based trading course that you can self-pace immediately upon registering.
We cover all the core details from charting platforms, brokers, trade psychology, risk and money management, market selection and selecting the right markets to trade based upon account size and geographic location.

The Undergraduate Program

This is taught in a two day live online real-time training event webinar.  All you have to do is attend from the comfort of your home or office with an internet connection.  We feel this is the most productive and easiest way to get you up and running without you having to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars traveling and dealing with all those headaches.  Just sit in a comfortable chair, join dozens of other traders just like yourself and the Premier Trader University faculty and you’ll be immersed in a detailed training of our trading systems.
At the completion of the Undergraduate Program you’ll have installed the system and indicators, no all the trading rules and be able to start taking trades in your chosen market.

The Major Program

Just like at a University, this is where we get to specialize.  Specialization in trading means we can focus on one set of markets and really help you master the systems as well as help you become an Advanced Trader.  As an Advanced Trader you’ll find you will improve your winning percentage and this will directly impact your bottom-line.  In this set of training we can focus on the differences between Forex, Futures and Stock/Options and help you get the most out of the markets you are now trading.

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