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First and foremost, Premier Trader University are ‘Traders First’. We make it an effort to keep current in the markets, to the point that every one of our Coaching Staff  takes active trades with their live account each and every day. We talk the talk and walk the walk.

This is critical – you probably don’t realize how many companies just use great sales people instead of great traders. We do things differently. And in the end, hiring team members that LIKE to trade, makes a big difference to our customers. Even better, they were all once just like you – sitting in a webinar, scanning the website and learning more about NetPicks. Eventually, they took the plunge and purchased one of our trading systems or subscribed to our live trade rooms and that’s when we noticed their talent. The rest is history!

Premier Trader University was created by the founders of NetPicks, Mark Soberman and Brian Short, who have been providing education and systems to traders for more than 16 years. NetPicks is a well-known and regarded trading system and service company with an unparalleled reputation in an industry not always known for ethics. The 16+ years of staying power of NetPicks is a testimony to the innovation, customer service and never-ending quest to make active day trading and swing trading even easier and more profitable for every trader!  Premier Trader University is the opportunity to create a full fledged education for traders of all levels and experience, powered by the most successful trading system.

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