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Course Module Module Description
  • Home-study format.
  • Basics & fundamentals.
  • Goal: Get everyone on the same page.
  • Multi-day LIVE market training.
  • PTU active trader systems.
  • Goal: Learn and master the strategies.
  • Live training on your major.
  • Tips, tricks and techniques.
  • Goal: Tailor your strategy and trade plan to your market.
  • Live, instructor-led training.
  • Advanced strategies & methods.
  • Goal: Take your trading to the next level.

Premier Trader University is designed to be a comprehensive education for all traders – from the beginner to the advanced. Taught in a traditional “University-style” format, Premier Trader University will provide students with the foundation and tools to be a successful trader on your own by the time you “Graduate”.

The Undergraduate Course is a multi-day, instructor led class taught live in the markets. As an Undergraduate student, you will have already received and completed the Pre-Requisites, sent a couple weeks in advance of your class. The Pre-Requisites will have you prepared with the foundation to move on in your education.

The primary goal of the Undergraduate course is to deliver and teach the PTU Active Trader Systems. The proprietary Strategies were developed by the founder of NetPicks, Mark Soberman, who has been developing and selling trading systems for more than 16 years. NetPicks’ proven longevity through a wide variety of market conditions is a testimony to Mark’s trading acumen and integrity.

Mark personally developed the PTU Active Trader Systems and has tested each Strategy live in the markets for the last year, to prove their worth in all market conditions. During the Undergraduate course you will be taught the intricacies of the Strategies LIVE in the markets, not just theoretical charts!

Once you have completed the Undergraduate course, you will have the opportunity to select your Major, where you will be taught the specifics of trading the market you desire. This includes Stocks, Options, Forex and Futures.

Topics in the Undergraduate Course include:

  • In depth training on the PTU Active Trader Systems
  • Proprietary Indicators

    • Installation
    • Application
    • Usage
  • Review of the Trade Calculator
  • Discussion of the Proprietary Strategy
  • Strategy Demonstration in all markets  – Futures, Forex, Stocks
  • Trade Management (Targets, Stops, Target Strategies, Stop Management, Risk Reduction)
  • Key Level Adjustment Training
  • “Art of Trading” Adjustments
  • Choosing a Market to Fit Your Lifestyle Needs and Account Size
  • Risk Management
  • Trading Psychology – Mental Roadblocks and Hurdles
  • Trade Plans – Execution and Creating Yours!
  • Additional Walkthroughs of Current Market Examples
  • Order Management
  • Simulate and Place Trades for Practice
  • Where Do You Go From Here

    • Simulated to Live Trading
    • Tips for Choosing Your Major


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