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Heating Oil Trailing Stop

To Trail or Not to Trail – Should You Use Trailing Stops in Your Trading?

This is an age old question and always a very difficult one to answer in regards to trailing stops.  Because the answer is…wait for it….”it depends.” Don’t you just love those answers?  Hedging both sides?  But in reality it really does depend on the scenario.  First, I want to make the case for using trailing […]

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“What Should I Trade with a Small Trading Account?”

This is a common question we receive here about small trading accounts.  We realize most of you are not going to be starting out with an account size of $25,000+.  In fact, when we survey new traders I’d say the average starting account size is about $5,000. Small Trading Account Suggestions If you are under […]

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Day Trading with Heating Oil Futures & Trailing Trades

We get asked quite frequently what are some of the better markets to trail a trade.  What is trailing?  Rather than exiting at a preset fixed target you instead attempt to try and let the trade explode to the upside or implode to the downside. This trailing can cause you to catch some home run […]

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Forex Swing Trading Superiority

If you’ve attended any of our live PTU webinars you know we strongly favor swing trading forex vs. day trading forex. One of the main strategies we utilize is trading the daily forex charts with our PTU Trend Jumper strategy specifically. Just a few of our favorite pairs of course include the usual suspects such as […]

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10 Weeks In a Row of Profitability – Euro FX Forex Trading System

The Euro FX Futures – sometimes known as 6E or EC depending on your broker is one of the more consistent performers you’ll see. This futures contract tracks the popular EURUSD forex currency pair.  Our PTU forex trading system is designed to typically take one trade per day on this contract and a typical profit […]

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Futures Trading Education – Trading Natural Gas Futures for Income

Recently we held a webinar where we discussed some ideal markets for small accounts to start with. Natural Gas Futures (NG) can be an ideal market for you to consider. Each “tick” in this market is worth $10 and all of our trades with the PTU trading strategies always start with a fixed and controlled […]

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PTU Charts – CL, Heating Oil and Forex Swing Trading

Premier Trader University continues to be on a great run in 2012 and I wanted to share with you a new variety of markets certain to appeal to many traders! We include a Crude Oil chart (showing an initial loss before an immediate bounce back for a winning trade), Heating Oil (the newest trade plan […]

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PTU 2.0 Trading Futures and Forex

Premier Trader University is off to a great start in the New Year trading both Futures and Swing Trading Forex. Here I provide examples for a variety of markets including Soybeans Futures, Crude Oil Futures along with Swing Trading Forex markets such as EURCAD, GBPJPY,  and EURUSD. With Premier Trader University, you have trade plans […]

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Where The Trading Performance Is Now

Trading Performance equals profits in trading. You can spend a lot of time trading markets that are not consistently gaining profits or you can focus on the markets with the best opportunities. We find out Premier Trader University that sometimes individuals coming to us have some preconceived notions of markets they have to trade to […]

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EURJPY Daytrading

Forex Trading with PTU 2.0 – EURUSD and EURJPY

I also wanted to share some great results Forex trading with PTU 2.0 in both the US and European sessions. I have screenshots included below trading the EURJPY in the US and European hours as well as the EURUSD traded  in the US and European hours using Premier Trader University 2.0. When day trading the Forex […]

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