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Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

by Will Feibel One of the best known chart patterns is the head and shoulders pattern.  The pattern is formed at the end of a trend and signals a reversal in direction.  Its name is based on its resemblance to the outline of a head and shoulders, three peaks with the middle one being the […]

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ADX Chart

ADX: Are We Trending Yet?

The last few articles in this series have focused on identifying chop in the market.  We started out with an overview, listing several technical analysis indicators that can help in the process, next we focused on the Bollinger Band Squeeze to identify consolidations, and finally we looked at a noise filter to highlight noise, or […]

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Russell eMini: Navigating the Rough Waters of the Sea of Russell

Everyone has heard the analogy that the market moves like the ocean.  Major macro trends are like big tidal water flows producing powerful energy moves.  As you work down to smaller timeframes you find smaller waves inside of the big tidal movements.  Keep working down and the moves in the market are like the ripples […]

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How to Trade with a Small Account – Fast Path to a Larger Account

In this webinar, we’re teaching you the exact steps to turning your ‘little hobby’ into a full fledged income source. We’re talking solid, dependable gains that not even your wife could doubt. You’ll learn: – How to Generate a Full-Time Income to Replace Your Day Job – Profit-Friendly Forex & Futures Markets & Our Actual […]

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Speed & Scalp Trading Methods – High Action Trading the Markets

In this free training webinar, you’ll learn… – How to Catch the Action *Without* Losing Your Shirt – The Latest Scalping Tactics Working Right Now – Killer RESULTS That Will Convert Any Skeptic – How to Get In, Get Out & Get Done in Record Time

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21-period ATR applied to chart. Average range is observed (166 pips)

ATR: Keep Expectations in Reality

We have seen some very crazy moves in the currency markets. It does not take a genius to realize that volatility is up. The ATR (average true range) has really increased in many of the popular currency pairs. This can be a major drawback especially for the inexperienced trader. They see these big sweeping moves […]

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What Indicator Do You Use?

If you could ask a successful trader one question, what would it be?  I can guarantee that the majority of people would ask exactly what I used for the title of this article: “What Indicator Do You Use?” As an exercise, pop into any of the trading forums that are on the Internet, head over […]

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How to Automate Your Trading – More Profits, Less Time, Total Discipline

What’s the ONE topic on every trader’s mind? “How can I automate my trading?” It’s a fact: Using the latest cutting-edge tools, 90% of the work can be pre-programmed… …so you don’t have to tear out your hair watching every tick. So what’s the secret? How do you trust your automation software? What are the […]

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Day Trading: Take What the Market Gives You

If you’re an active day trader, the chances are high that you’ll trade a small number of products or you’ll exclusively trade a single product. By doing so you’ll have the benefit of learning product specific characteristics and becoming more in tune with market context. But there’s a possible downside to this too – sometimes […]

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How to Start Trading Forex and Make Money at It

I would say that I get about 2 or 3 emails a week asking, “I am new to trading forex, do you all teach me where to start?”   Well, that is not our primary mission, as we teach you how to use our trading system and trade the markets.  We teach you about how to […]

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