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About Coach Shane

A Forex analyst, Shane got started in Forex mostly due to the low initial capital required, and diversifies with both day and swing trading. Shane lives in Toronto, Canada.
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Market Price Action

3 Forex Trading Tips To Ignite Your Trading Results

3 FX Trading Tips To Improve Your Trading by Shane Daly When Forex trading became open to the average retail trader, it brought out the sharks just looking to part the dreamers of a better life from their money. Trading currencies was made to look easy and many people lost their money by following Forex trading tips […]

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21-period ATR applied to chart. Average range is observed (166 pips)

ATR: Keep Expectations in Reality

We have seen some very crazy moves in the currency markets. It does not take a genius to realize that volatility is up. The ATR (average true range) has really increased in many of the popular currency pairs. This can be a major drawback especially for the inexperienced trader. They see these big sweeping moves […]

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