Where The Trading Performance Is Now

Trading Performance equals profits in trading.

You can spend a lot of time trading markets that are not consistently gaining profits or you can focus on the markets with the best opportunities. We find out Premier Trader University that sometimes individuals coming to us have some preconceived notions of markets they have to trade to be successful. Many times it surprises them where some of the best trading opportunities actually are.

Certainly when a futures trader comes to us they normally think the S&P e-Mini futures is where the profits can be had. When a forex trader comes to us they typically think EURUSD. That’s not to say that either should be avoided – without question there is plenty of potential. But sometimes the best profits are perhaps “hidden” in markets that lie below the surface that the crowd doesn’t always follow. Take a look in the last 8 weeks what a few of these markets have done with the Premier Trader University system training:

Unleaded Gas Futures (RBOB): +$9,740/contract
Crude Oil Futures (CL): +$3,930/contract
DAX Futures (FDAX): +$3,203/contract
And yes, the S&P e-Mini (ES): +$3,214/contract

Of course you will have some costs (commissions) and possible slippage on entry (that just means when you don’t get the exact price you were attempting to buy or sell) but you can clearly see the potential. What if I told you there were equally impressive markets in Heating Oil Futures and Copper? Don’t always chase the obvious is the lesson here.

The same goes on forex. Most think you have to day trade and focus on the EURUSD but the reality is some of the best profits will come from those hidden forex markets including: EURNZD, EURAUD, GBPAUD, CHFJPY, EURJPY, GBPCAD, EURCAD among others. Our PTU Trend Jumper system does a great job trading a number of forex markets using the daily charts — you literally check just once every 24 hours to make it as easy as possible. And it will probably surprise you which markets end up being the most profitable. Probably not what you expect.

There are many things you will learn at PTU, but one of the keys is our 17+ years experience learning where best to spend your time most efficiently in trading. We’re not crowd followers, we dig up the opportunities that everyone else seems to ignore. Typically that’s going to be a far easier path to success than running with the crowd.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to attend one of our upcoming live webinars or join us in person at our PTU Roadshow, appearing in cities all over and learn to trade on a different path.

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