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Traveling and Trading – Best Tools for the Traveling Trader

In our recent PTU Google Hangout we discussed our advice for the best tools, software and hardware for you to use when traveling.

You might be someone who is traveling often on business, perhaps you want to keep up on positions when traveling for leisure.

Remote trading does require the right hardware.  You need a laptop computer that is both lightweight and has long battery life.

We personally suggest remote access software such as LogMeIn or GotoMyPC and accessing your heavyweight trading system back at your home or office.

From there it’s critical to have software to both secure your passwords and secure your Wifi network.

To download a PDF of our top suggestions you can click here – Traveling Trader Guide.  We’ll break it down in an easy guide and give you all the links you need to become the Traveling Trader.

With today’s technology and the right low cost tools you can trade the Premier Trader University trading systems both locally and globally.

Let us know some of your favorite trading tools for the road below.

Here’s a replay of the PTU Google Hangout that also includes a full presentation of the Traveling Trader Guide:


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