Trading School by Ron Weiland

I recently got over a medical condition that put me on Disability and kept me away from a job that I loved ever since I was a kid, Flying!  I was grounded for several years and so in that time I was able to focus on my trading.  Now that I am back at School, learning the Aircraft again and flying the simulator, I realize just how similar learning aircraft systems and trading are.  Yes, after flying the simulator last night, it is just like riding a bike.  It came right back to me.

So, I wanted to focus the article on several aspects of trading and training.  Let’s throw you into ground school.

  1.  You need to learn each system on the aircraft and each indicator on your chart.  You will learn the interaction between these systems and how they relate to one another.  A good example of this is with the Trend Jumper system.  We use the two moving averages to show us special measuring stick trades that have a very high win rate.
  2. You need to learn what buttons to push and in the correct order to get the plane working.  With trading, you need to understand how to place orders on your trading platform and execute the signals that your system gives you.
  3. Pick your plane.  I am flying a large Boeing 767 and I picked that because it fly’s to places I want to go and is fun to fly.  You should look at the various markets that you might want to trade and pick the one that suites you best.  It might be dependent upon your account size or the time that you are able to trade.  There are many markets out there from Futures, to Options or Forex that can satisfy most every trader.
  4. On my aircraft, we have a computer called the Flight Management Computer.  This will calculate takeoff and landing speeds as well as navigation, based upon the inputs you put into it.  Well, roll that into trading and you have your Trend Jumper calculator.  We give you settings to put into it and then it will give you exact entry, stops and targets for each trade.  So, it will give you everything you need to get your trading off the ground.
  5. You can’t fly a big plane by yourself, you need a copilot.  He is there to back you up and guild you in case you miss something.  Welcome to our live trade room.  This is one of the most unique and powerful aspects of trading.  Here you can watch us, learn from us on each trade as we call them live and guild you through your own trades.  In addition, there are hundreds of other traders there to also guild and share their experience and trades that they are taking.
  6. Time to go into the Simulator.  Last night we must have done 10 approaches, 10 landings and several go-arounds.  So, what do you think, repetition makes you better.  You hone your skills and become a better trader.  You learn from your mistakes, which is why you practice in the simulator and not on your live account.  After you have become error free, you go live and I go out on the line and fly people

Let’s recap.  You start with a solid system and really study it.  Learn how it works, and understand why it gives you the trades that it does.  Look for patterns, you might discover that certain trades win quite a bit more than others and so you refine how you trade.  You have made the system your own.  From there you, test it out and practice.  You build up your skills as a trader and your execution, so that you are making 25 mistake free trades.  Then, you should be ready to go live.  I hope to see you in the trade room or on an airplane flying somewhere around the world.  Good Trading!

Capt Ron

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