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What You’ll Learn In PTU’s Online Stock Trading Courses

The PTU offers a wide range of stock trader education, including everything you need to know about trading stocks, options and ETFs.  The program begins with an ‘Under Graduate’ curriculum that is designed to teach the basics.  Students can work through the material step by step and at their own pace. Once that is achieved, then the real fun begins.

The main body of the PTU stock trading education focuses on two main trading strategies:

  • The PTU Trading Strategy
  • The Trend Jumper Pro Trading Strategy

Each strategy is thoroughly taught in a live webinar setting where the student participates and interacts with the trade instructor/coach.  No stone is left unturned.  The trader is taken from the very beginning and taught the strategies from the ground up.

Here’s short outline of what one could expect when learning each of these dynamic strategies:

  1. Installation; the student will be assisted in downloading and installing the strategy onto their charts.  Please note that both of these strategies work on Tradestation and Ninja Trader.  While you can trade with any broker you want, at this point, those are the only two charting platforms that these strategies will work on.
  2. Basic rules of the strategies; the student will be taught all the details as to not only how the strategy works but also, why.  It is important to understand why a strategy works so that one can begin to build belief and confidence, which is critical to success.
  3. Success Guide; building the proper foundation is critical to success.  Each student will be presented with a ‘Steps to Success Guide’ that if followed, step by step, will put them in the absolute best position for success.  This guide leads no guessing, and literally gives the student a process to follow that will put them on the pathway with the highest chances to trading success, regardless of the chosen strategy
  4. Choosing the right stocks, options and ETFs; needless to say there are thousands of choices but we don’t need to be overwhelmed by the large selection available to us.  The student will learn how to focus on only the best choices and to begin to specialize on this list.  Learning what to trade begins with learning what not to trade and through a careful process of elimination, the student will always know what to focus on and what to ignore.
  5. Options; while I did mention options above, it is such an important part of successful stock trading that I wanted to give it its own section.  The student will learn how to select the best options to trade and how to trade them.
  6. Choosing the right style of trading; some people are better off day trading stocks and options but most will probably focus on swing trading. We will cover this in great detail so that each student will be able to choose what is best for them.
  7. Tradeplans; each strategy comes with a variety of tradeplans that the student will have access to.  The value of these plans cannot be overstated.  Many hours of research and experience went into their creations.  Equally important is that each student will have no doubt as to when and how to place their trades.  They will have a step by step plan to follow.  Always remember that a trade strategy is only as good as the rules that go with it.  Knowing when to begin a session, when to trade, when not to trade, where to enter, where to place stops, where to scale in and scale out, and how to manage a trade once it is in progress are some of the important details that are provided within each tradeplan.
  8. Access to our Live Traderoom; platinum membership comes with PTU enrollment and what that means is that each student is provided with lifetime access to our live traderoom.  The best way to learn a strategy is by seeing it live and getting the necessary repetitions where the strategy can be practiced until perfected.  Moreover, the student has live access to the traderoom moderators who will be able to answer all questions and help coach the strategy step by step, trade after trade.  This is the best way to learn, and in fact, here at the PTU,, it is the ONLY way to learn.
  9. On-going updates; each student will also have lifetime access to the private Owner’s Club website where they can access the newest tradeplans and any software updates that will inevitably occur.
  10. Continued Education; the PTU offers numerous training and ongoing training materials covering a wide range of topics.

The PTU is a comprehensive program that teaches the student everything he or she needs to know to be a successful equities trader.  From A to Z, nuts to bolts, students will emerge from the program with confidence, belief and effective trading methodologies that once learned, will serve them well as they continue along the exciting journey of successful stocks and options trading.

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