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How to Trade Options with the PTU Approach

The Premier Trader University approach to the markets can be very unique for many traders because it puts structure around everything we do. This is new to many traders because so many systems in the marketplace require a lot of discretionary trade decisions. Trading Options with the PTU approach is also very different than many programs that I have used in my career. Instead of focusing on one options strategy, we like to have a toolbox of strategies that we can go to depending on what type of market condition that we are in. Our PTU Options Mastery program is designed to start out with the basics and then work you through to the advanced techniques that many professionals use.

PTU Options Mastery Program

Building a foundation to work from is crucial for all traders. The PTU Options Mastery program includes an Options 101 course that will walk you through the basics of options trading. We cover all the common terms and definitions that you will run into when trading these products. We also talk about the different factors that can affect the price of an option. This can be very helpful for newer traders because the financial world does have its own language. If you are brand new to options this is a great starting point that you can use to build off going forward.

Once we have that foundation in place, we move into some of the basic strategies that we use to take the trades. Instead of relying on a signal service for your trades, we actually outline all of the criteria that we look for in a checklist that you can reference. Overwhelmed by all the different strike prices and expiration cycles? Not a problem. You can go to our checklist which will narrow the list down to the best candidates. This empowers you to make your own trading decisions, which really sets you up for long term success. You aren’t left strictly with book knowledge. Instead, you have a set of mechanics that you can profit from right away.

A big part of trading successfully is having a system in place that gives you defined entry and exit points. If we were to poll all traders in the marketplace, the most common issue that traders struggle with is knowing when to enter and exit. In the PTU Options Mastery program we include our Active Swing Trader system that will print a road map on your chart which tells you exactly where to enter and exit. Having defined trade plans to work from will allow you to take your focus off of the charts all day long so you can move on with your day. Trading the same system for every stock and ETF on your watch list will only build your confidence in your trading approach. We are no longer placing a trade with our fingers crossed. We can take the trades with confidence knowing that the system is putting the odds in our favor.

We also feel it is important to make sure we have the advanced strategies as part of our tool box because those are the ones that allow us to profit in all market conditions. Even though we call these advanced strategies, they really are straight forward when we break them down to the very basics. We walk through all of the criteria that we look for when placing these trades. We are picky with the criteria that we look for, but in doing so it makes it very easy to know which strategy is best for the current market conditions.

The PTU Options Mastery program is a complete program that will take traders of all skill levels and teach them how to trade the PTU approach. We combine the options education that you need with a system that you can use to trade any stock or ETF on your watch list. At the end of the course you are set to go with everything you need to trade options successfully.