Hey, we noticed you couldn’t make it to the live Premier Trader University Roadshow. No worries – we know life happens and things get in the way but check out what happened on EURUSD and Crude Oil futures.

But I did want to tell you about something that happened in my own personal trading from the morning of October 15th (yesterday)…

I had very little time to trade because we’re readying for our next roadshow dates today in Chicago. My time was quite limited. You’ll see here though I was able to make over $2,000 today and I did this in very limited time (and I may have left another $2K in gains in the market due to my shortened schedule!).┬áIn fact, I almost hate to admit it but I left money on the table due to my schedule. You’ll see from this chart of Crude Oil futures today – I only took that first winner, I simply didn’t have time to take the next one.

October 15 Trade Crude Oil Futures

Even still, I was able to have excellent success today and that includes not trading 3 of the markets I normally do plus stopping early.

Lastly, here’s a chart of daytrading the EURUSD – you’ll see a nice buy to target in the European session, and the second trade is here in the US session and closing in on profit target. Not sure if you recall but we were in a nice swing trade on the EURUSD last week that hadn’t hit target yet during the roadshow – the good news is it did Friday morning @ 1.2982 for another +45 pips.

October 15 Trade Forex EURUSD

I just wanted to continue to show you the consistent potential of the new PTU systems. I’m not promising every day can be as productive, we all know when trading there is some balance – some days are far easier than others but I’m experiencing the positives clearly more than the negatives. I hope to share that with you in the next class. Let us know if you have any questions or would like to chat further.

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