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Forex Trading Course Review

Welcome Forex Veterans and Beginners.  Today what I would like to talk about is what you should look for in a Forex Course.  We have been trading Forex for well over 10 years at Netpicks and have run live trade rooms with forex for over 5 years.  So, I would say we know what we are talking about.

Let me first talk to the new forex trader.  We get a lot of calls and emails telling us that they know nothing about the forex market; will our course or program teach me that?  That is not the main focus of some of the strategies and systems we sell, but we do have free beginner courses that you can start with and then our courses will take over.  We teach you how to place orders, how to manage the trades, when to trade and when not to trade.  We do all of this in live sessions or classes.  So, you really have an advantage as a new forex trader since you have not learned any bad habits and can start out fresh and learn the correct way to trade.

In fact, I was chatting with a guy in our online support and he told me he was in a big financial hurt and need to make a lot of money quickly.  He said he could open a 5K forex account and wanted to make 15K a week.  Wow, are you serious, who would not love to do that.  I told him that the only want to do that was with insane risk and if his first trade did not win, he would probably lose his 5K.

That is the problem with many courses and people who want to start trading forex, they want big money quick.  Some courses offer these types of returns.  I am sure you have seen the emails, make 200 pips a day, or we just made 1500 pips on one trade.  Those types of trades are quite possible, but if you try and trade with excessive risk, you are sure to blow out your account.

To the Veteran forex trader, you know what you like.  You have been trying to trade on your own or with a few courses under your belt and you are still looking for the system or indicator that will make you consistently profitable.  That is the key, to make money, keep the money and grow your account slowly.  This way you can reduce your risk on each trade as your account grows and you take the fear and greed out of your trading.

Ok, let’s get back to what to look for in a Forex Course.

  1.  A system that is simple to use and learn.
  2.  Access to the support of a Live Trade room.
  3.  Signals that give clear entry, stops and targets, not trades that are discretionary.
  4.  Access to Coaching and Traders who can guide you along your Forex journey
  5.  A system that is flexible and updated to the current markets.

This is uncanny, did I just describe all most all of our trading systems and strategies.  Yes, I think I did.  It is no surprise, because that is what we have been doing here at Netpicks for the last 18 years.  Trying to teach new and old traders, how to trade correctly and profitably and consistently make money.  Don’t take my word for it.  Here are just a few of the many testimonials from traders who have started to get it right!  This is from Bill B.

Aug 08, 2013 18:28

I started trading Trend Jumper for Forex MT4 live just 3 short weeks ago and my account is already up 17%. I like how clean the chart looks which makes it easy to see the trade setups. I’m swing trading 12 currencies using daily bars. It takes about 15 minutes to review the charts every evening and either enter new orders or modify stops on existing trades when needed.

After a rocky start (purchased in July), I’m up 34% as of 12/31/2013. Thanks for creating a solid system.

So, what can we learn from this.  I think he started trading with a bit too much risk the first few weeks since he was up 17%, or he just had a nice string of trades.  The important thing is that he did not go higher in risk, just because he had 3 great weeks, and he grew his account slowly over the past 6 months.  This is how you become a profitable trader.  Let’s look at another trader’s experience.

Appreciate your prompt reply and the download link. Christmas has indeed come early for me – I think this is a truly brilliant system, and it looks so good and pleasant for the eyes too!! Thanks so much for putting together the Keltner bells system, and also for sharing it with fellow traders. You have put lots of effort into making this a high-probability trading system.
Ric W

Ric points out that we give great support and help with our systems.  It is simple, clean and we update it as needed, because we use it ourselves every day.  Great job Ric, we are happy to share our systems and success with other traders.  I will attach a link below with a number of free educational webinars and more about some of our systems.  We hope that you will further your education here with everyone at Netpicks.