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For most, the answer to this question is the dreaded choppy market. It could be the slow choppy market like we see during the summer months when many markets just sit in a tight range. Or it could also be the wild choppy market where we see big moves back and forth with no follow […]

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Can you trade AMZN, PCLN and TWTR with a small account? See how do it with options.

“Are options really worth the time and effort to learn?” “Options seem too complex for me.” These are a few of the comments I often hear from newer traders. People are fascinated with the financial markets and have that dream of hitting it big but for most people they think they have to buy stocks […]

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Looking for big profits? ETF Options are where you need to be.

With market volatility really picking up over the last number of weeks, it’s a perfect time to look at how you can profit from the wild swings through the use of options. Many traders hear the word volatility and immediately think it’s a bad thing when actually it’s something that can make you a ton […]

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When the Going Gets Tough: Handling Trading Losses

Trading is not the easiest job or activity to do.  We get hundreds of new and experienced traders that are looking for that magic indicator or system that will make trading easy and not give them any trading losses.  Take our word for it, there is no system or indicator that will not have losses […]

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Make Trading Losses A Positive Outcome

It is interesting to see how individual traders approach this business.  Of course there are different methods and ways to trade but I am talking about the mindset.  I think that is the number one criteria that can predict the ultimate success or failure of a trader. When I first started trading, I did hear […]

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One of Our Members Loving Trend Jumper with the ES; S & P eMini

This just in: Hi TJ (That’s me), Just wanted to send you a quick update regarding the TrendJumper – its just awesome! I’ve been practicing with the ES 2000tick Here are last weeks practice stats: total points per contract:  32.75 total $ per contract: $1637.50 Today: +$425.00    trading 2 contracts with an 85% win rate   […]

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