One of Our Members Loving Trend Jumper with the ES; S & P eMini

This just in: Hi TJ (That’s me), Just wanted to send you a quick update regarding the TrendJumper – its just awesome! I’ve been practicing with the ES 2000tick Here are last weeks practice stats: total points per contract:  32.75 total $ per contract: $1637.50 Today: +$425.00    trading 2 contracts with an 85% win rate   […]

To Daytrade Forex or NOT to Daytrade Forex.. That is the Question..

Well, actually for me, there’s an easy answer to that question. “NO!” Why? There’s no range.  Spread costs eat you alive.  The brokers widen the spread to try to prevent you from profiting from the best moves.  There’s just too much adversity.  Moreover, there are so many other GOOD daytrading markets that are so much EASIER […]