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Learning to Trade

Education is a fundamental tenet of modern civilized society. It allows us in our relatively short time on Earth to benefit from and hopefully leverage the knowledge of those who have come before us. From multiplication tables to piano mastery and grammar to plumbing, education allows us to become competent and ultimately master many skills […]

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SuperDOM The NinjaTrader SuperDOM is a proven success with traders around the globe. Easily place orders and modify orders with a single click of your mouse or semi-automate trade management with exclusive ATM technology. Quick order entry, exit, and scale in/out buttons Single click order entry and modification Highly visual order and position display Intelligent […]

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For our friends trading European/Australia hours – DAX Futures

Here is a great chart that will appeal to those that trade European/Australia type hours. You’ll see here we’re up over $2500 in September and we still have a week and a half to go! Great market to trade. The DAX Futures is traded on the Eurex Exchange and has the benefit of trading both European […]

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Check out the Flexibility of PTU – EURUSD Forex Trading

Today I want you to see and appreciate the flexibility of  Premier Trader University.  Here’s a way you can combine three different timeframes, frequencies, etc… the daily chart, the 4 hour swing trading chart, the day trade chart — all with the EURUSD. As you know, it’s ideal to focus on one specific pair but […]

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GBPAUD Forex Swing Trading

Swing trading the GBPAUD over the last year has resulted in +3386 pips! Just our last 3 trades alone: +178 pips (short), +154 pips (buy) and +138 pips (buy). This has been a great run and we have another short looking like it’s setting up. The trade plan for the GBPAUD forex swing trading focuses […]

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EURNZD Swing Trading

Swing trading the EURNZD over the last year has resulted in +2775 pips on 4 hour chart. What a great market! August was good with 2 “buy” wins and now we’re looking at a “short” set up. Stay tuned!

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You Mean Every Trade Doesn’t Win?

I felt it was a good idea to demonstrate not every trade will succeed – but when a trade doesn’t work we always have a 100% clear cut place to exit, minimize our losses, and move onto the next trade where the odds of success remain in our favor.

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Patience IS a Virtue!

Here is a great example of following the trade plan and being patient while the market was very choppy. During this Crude session there were a few times we came close to stopping out – ultimately abiding by the rules of the plan kept us short, and targets were hit!

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Did the Fourth Apple Trade Hit Target?

I left you hanging last week, but take a look at this beautiful chart, using PTU’s system for Options trading and you’ll see it sure did hit the target. What a run it has been!

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8/22 – Apple Computer Options Trading

Apple Computer options trading, 3 trades in a row to full target!

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