I have not posted a screenshot for this market yet, but trading Natural Gas Futures are one of my favorite markets! You can see we’re having a great week, up over $700 trading a single contract. For those with smaller account sizes, this is definitely a market you should be trading.

Natural Gas Futures we like to trade starting at about 8am EST (New York Time) and the trading window runs a couple of hours.  In most sessions we expect to be done far sooner than that but one thing I like about Natural Gas Futures is I can start trading it an hour earlier than I typically start trading Crude Oil Futures.  By staggering your trading you can more easily trade multiple markets but still do it in a relatively short period of time.

Natural Gas Futures are $10 per tick and we usually are looking for a move of about 25 ticks or so.  Every trade we take with the Premiere Trader University strategies always have a pre-determined exit — meaning you’ll know exactly where to take profits, and just as important know where to exit should the trade go against our expected direction.

Natural Gas Futures Day Trading

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