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10/4/12 – DAX Futures Trading Continue Their Great Run!

I recently had a chart showing success trading DAX Futures and I want to share another from October 4 trading. As you can see this trade resulted in +$350/contract and is up over $1000 for the week.

The liquidity on the DAX Futures is excellent with typically over 100,000 contracts traded each day.  This is helpful to ensure you can execute your trades electronically with nearly instant executions through most brokerages.  DAX Futures trading also benefits from the ability to scale contracts, as your account grows moving from one contract to multiple contracts can be done with ease.

As a reminder, the DAX Futures is traded on the Eurex Exchange and has the benefit of trading both European business hours and US market hours.  That can be ideal for our global based traders.  The DAX Futures are worth $25 EUR per point and the liquidity is excellent with this futures contract.

Using the Premier Trader University strategies ensure you have day trading setups every trading day — and always an exact entry and exact exit point as you’ll see below.  The key is to enter at the proper level and let the market take over from there.  We always place our targets in advance and know exactly how to daytrade DAX futures sticking with our trade plan:

Dax Futures Day Trading October 4

DAX Futures are traded on the Eurex Exchange and have the benefit of trading both European business hours and US market hours.


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