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Success with Crude Oil Futures Day Trading

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One of our all -time favorite markets is Crude Oil Futures. As you can see, this week Crude is up over $1300 per contract, including +$510/contract today.

Crude Oil Futures day trading remains a favorite market of ours for the last few years due to a few factors.  One, we really like the dependable volatility and trading ranges in Crude Oil Futures.  Two, there is plenty of liquidity in this market and we usually look to start at 9am EST (New York Time) but can even start earlier than that as electronic trading starts with good volume up to an hour earlier.  This just depends on our Trade Plan and objectives.

The tick value is $10 per tick so the trade below went 51 ticks in our favor, hence the $510 in profits.  Expect to pay about $5 in commissions and slippage is possible on this market.  I’ve found it averages no more than a tick per trade if you enter on a buy or sell stop limit.

Crude Oil Futures day trading also offers scalability.  This is important because you don’t want to master a market that has limited potential if the volume is thin.  With 100,000+ contracts daily you can see that doubling or tripling your profit potential is as simple as increasing your contract sizes – once you build the profits in your account to justify that increase.

Crude Oil Futures Day Trading

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