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Premier Trader University is the leading education for beginning and advanced traders! The goal of Premier Trader University is to provide a thorough education, wrapped around a highly profitable trading system, with world class customer service, to make all our students the most successful traders in the world.

In addition to the full courses and the trading system, Premier Trader University will provide a wealth of free content to assist your trading. We have made these resources available for you in these areas:

Free Trading Lessons

The Premier Trader University faculty provides you with no cost trading education here.  You’ll find articles, videos and trading walkthroughs that provide an excellent set of trading educational fundamentals.  Each of our Trading Coaches specializes in futures trading, forex trading or options trading.  There is a wealth of education available here including trading management, trading strategies, day trading vs. swing trading, working with your protective stops and profit targets.

System Updates

Here we update you on the latest performance updates to our PTU trading systems.  These trading systems are currently being traded by hundreds of traders around the globe.  Each week we update for our students the performance and any settings they need for the upcoming week of trading.  Periodically we’ll share the performance updates with you here.


We’ve always felt one of the best ways to master trading is not to expect to learn it all from a book or popping in a CD.  Perhaps one of the best ways to truly learn how to actively trade effectively is to look over the shoulder of successful traders.  Here we present to you a series of trading webinars that our faculty has recorded and shares with you.  There’s no question these trading videos can make you a better trader.


Video is an excellent way for us to visually demonstrate key trading tactics and strategies.  Trading also happens to be a very visual and chart driven skill which makes these Trading Videos an excellent resource to improve your trading results.


You have to have great charting platforms and data to be a successful trader.  Here are some of our suggestions for charting and running your technical analysis indicators.


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