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Premier Trader University Reviews

Premier Trader University Reviews

“I have not been this excited about trading in a long time…”

I have not been this excited about trading in a long time. After over 12 years of trying to do it my self I stated using my first system TREND JUMPER. This has been the best decision I have ever made concerning trading. I am now trading live with real money as of this writing I’m at 83% wins. I know that seems hard to believe but my trading account believes it. I don’t take all the trades signals, I do use some discretion.
There’s an old saying you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, TREND JUMPER has proved it wrong.
Tks Netpicks for a great product.

R.Smith – Texas, USA


“I love the way the entire program has been structured…”

“I love the Premier Trader University program.  I was at the point where I needed to change the amount of time I was spending in front of my computer trading because I was exhausted caring for an elderly family member plus working at a part-time job. I had previously purchased SST PRO, but because of my family obligations, I couldn’t put in the time needed to learn the system well enough to be successful with it.  In spite of that, I found I really enjoyed trading because of all that it could offer and didn’t want to give up on it.

The PTU came along at exactly the right time for me.  I love the way the entire program has been structured, starting with the Prerequisite portion focusing on the basics and how everything has been filtered down to only the things that are necessary and important.  There’s an enormous amount of information out there, and I found it daunting to try to zero in on what was essential.

Once the base was established, the live training devoted to the Undergraduate portion of the program continued to build on what we’d already learned and, combined with the opportunity to ask questions during the webinar, just continued to increase my knowledge and confidence.  One of the things I really appreciated about this portion was that it wasn’t strictly about the system or the mechanics of trading.  It included things like how to put together a business plan, how to realistically look at risk,  and how to look at different scenarios to project different levels of income, and then, once we had gotten all of this down, how to apply the art of trading to increase our profits.

And NetPicks is not satisfied with “just” giving us the system.  They also give us the knowledge about how the settings in the calculator work so if we decide we want to, for instance, lock in some additional profit or add a trailing stop, we can change the settings so the calculator plots this automatically on the chart for us.

The Futures graduate part of the program, which is the major I chose, gives us two main approaches – the Active Trader, which is a faster-moving approach, and the Active Swing Trader, which is slower.  I started off backtesting the Active Swing Trader plan for the Dow Emini because it’s a slower-moving instrument than some of the others, and this gives me more time to think through all the details of the trade plan before placing the actual trade.  I will later be adding another major.

It was a pleasant surprise to have the bi-weekly live training room available as a freebie when I enrolled in this program.  We get the chance to review our settings, watch live trades taking place (invaluable) and see how the experts are trading.

I have to say the support is phenomenal!  I could not believe that when I emailed in a question, one of the owners (Brian) called me.  When I told this to my husband, he was incredulous!  In the automated times we live in, there are days I get really frustrated just punching in numbers to get through convoluted voicemail systems and then having to wait long periods of time before actually speaking to a live person.  Not so with NetPicks.  They want to make sure we understand the concepts and get our questions answered even after we’ve enrolled.  All of the coaches are very responsive and knowledgeable.

Another product which is available is the Ultimate Trade Analyzer which allows me to plug in all my trades while backtesting (and then continuing on after that as well).  This is an awesome tool that gives me the ability to analyze my trades to see exactly where I am in profitability, but it goes far beyond that.  It’s possible for me to look at time of day, day of week, type of trade, type of exit, etc.  to see where the best combinations are so I can use my time most effectively.

The combination of all of this has done two main things for me.  One is that I’m developing the confidence in myself to be consistently profitable using the current trade plan I’ve started with and know that there are others out there when I’m ready to add another market.  And the second has turned out to be just as important, if not more so, than the first, and that is that I’ve gotten my life back.  Because the trade plans all specify exact times of the day to be trading, I can be finished with the plan I’ve chosen in, at most, a couple of hours.  This has been a huge benefit for me.

I have really grown to trust NetPicks since I first found out about them.  The message is consistent and you guys have always delivered on what you’ve promised.  Thank you so much.”

MR – California, United States


“Premier Trader University is a first class product…”

“Overall I have been very happy, Premier Trader University is a first class product. I have been a NetPicks customer for some time and this is the best package you’ve offered. I really like the methodology, tools, etc. The Pre-reqs were excellent – well packaged and presented. I have a good deal of trading experience and I learned a lot from the Pre-req videos. I also thought the Undergrad training was excellent, doing a great job balancing the wide variety of experience levels of traders on the call. The live Major training was good, Ron did a great job with the Dow.

The weekly calls have been a nice bonus I wasn’t expecting, I’m just surprised more people aren’t taking advantage of it. I get at least one tidbit from every one, so please keep it going!”

Paul H – Los Angeles, California, United States


“Every time I have ask for help it has been there…”

“I am very pleased with the PTU approach. I found the material and presentations very complete. It is organized such that it can be referenced and found easily.

My objective is consistent daily profits. Therefore, the one thing I am looking for is a way to control the losses such that these consistent profits are possible, and I am close to completing that aspect of things.

The trading process is really simple. Turning in the orders as defined by the Indicator can’t be easier. When you guys added the Alerts to the Indicator it completed the system for me.

I am not shy in asking for things, so if I find anything that is needed from my point of view, I will be right there asking for them. I find Support very helpful. Every time I have ask for help it has been there.

Thank the PTU team for all their hard work.”

Frank M., Santa Rosa, California, United States


“I am amazed by your system…”

Mark, Brian, Mike et al…Just wanted to say thanks for your efforts with PTU. I’m in the early stages of building my trading infrastructure but I am learning A LOT!! Reading recommended books and studying options. I am Simul Trading on TS and last week I bought the 590 Call on AAPL then sold to close just two days later when the stock was around 610. According to the Trade Manager on TS, my P/L on that position was a positive $1.006, on one contract with a cost of around $2,400. I’m not trading real money yet…but a few weeks ago I wouldn’t have had a clue about how to do a trade like that. I did it completely from your training and by watching the AAPL chart on PTU Swing. I also attended the interview yesterday with Mark Sebastian and one of the reasons I went ahead and took my profit on the AAPL simultrade was something Mark Sebastian said about “taking action” in a situation with an option contract that has a time/value factor. My point, is I am learning how to do this. And it’s thanks to you guys and your efforts through PTU!
Michael W., Dexter, Michigan, United States

“…saved me a lot of time and money.”

I wish the PTU had been available when I first starting trying to trade. It would have saved me a lot of time and money. I’m spending a couple of hours a day testing and still getting comfortable with NinjaTrader / ChartTrader. (I’m a lifelong Genesis TradeNavigator user, which I still think is the best charting product by a mile, BTW)

Strong Points for me
Sets realistic expectations.
Solid coverage of position sizing & money management.
Very good explanation of what comprises the PTU indicators.
Pretty easy to learn. Not overly complicated.
Screen is not cluttered with a ridiculous number of indicators.
Ongoing Live Trading Sessions

NetPicks really does under promise and over deliver.

Rick Herbert, British Columbia, Canada


“… the main reason I stay with PTU is because of Integrity!”

I wanted to drop a quick email to show my thanks to the Whole NetPicks Team and specifically PTU. I started with NetPIcks a coupe of years ago and purchased the HVMM product followed by UST, Keltner, SST, SSTPRO and finally PTU. One might say if they work why do I keep purchasing them and I say, Because they work. As any traders know we are always looking for the edge and PTU delivers on it

The whole process of understanding How to trade are just as important os the mechanics of actually placing a trade. One of the key facts that I love about the PTU system is I know my risk before I enter a trade. I am able create trade management rules before I even place the trade and I can almost tell you to the dollar, what my worst case scenario will be that day. Now hopefully that never happens but as a good trader you need to know what is the most you can loose that day. Obviously the Flip side is true, you also know what type of profits you can make.

But, After being involved in the world of trading for a few years, I can say the main reason I stay with the NetPicks brand and specifically PTU is because of Integrity! These guys actually make a living with the same tools they are providing to the students. That is rare in these days of the internet. Finding people who actually trade the system they are selling is like finding a “Yeti”. Im looking forward to growing with PTU and more importantly making money!!

 Jim Turner, Illinois, United States


“This opportunity came just in time, since I was laid off from my job in June…”

I’m a new trader with limited trading experience. The PTU undergrad day trading course work was fantastic, thoroughly put together and super informative. I was impressed with the professional way in which your team presented the information.

Actually, I was vacationing in NY when the classes started. On returning home to FL, I purchased and set up a new trading computer system. Started reviewing the training and TraneStation videos. Will was so kind to help me download the indicators after I tried and failed.

At this point I’m ready to start simulated trading. I am thankful for all the help and look forward to working with PTU/NetPicks for a long time.

Maurice Walters, Florida, United States

(PS) This opportunity came just in time, since I was laid off from my job in June.


“My trading is really improving now…”

Hey guys, my trading is really improving now – I’m getting close to going live on the FDAX system and following your rules and tutorials to the tee has really helped me to focus on the bigger picture and learn to take losses as part of the plan, so thanks! I know I still have a journey ahead with live trades soon, but I’m getting great results with simulation trading in TradeStation, and focusing on the Capital Plan spreadsheet you guys provided really helps me to treat this as a business in growing capital over time.

Richard Faulkner, Australia


“Couldn’t be happier to no longer being frustrated…”

After 2 mos of paper trading the Futures market with PTU2, I’m going live on Monday.  Couldn’t be happier to no longer being frustrated by daytrading the Forex.  Looking forward to the start of a new adventure trading Futures.  Starting small with the TF and ES or YM markets and will add more as the account grows.

Just wanted to say thanks.

Chas Lee, Colorado, United States


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