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Premier Programs

Premier Trader University is being taught in a traditional University style format. The course will begin with Pre-Requisites, which will serve as a home study guide to provide PTU students a wealth of information suitable for traders of all skill levels. The Undergraduate course will be taught LIVE over multiple days and will teach the Trading System, indicators, trading platforms and everything else needed to be successful. Finally, the student will have the opportunity to choose a Major where they will be focus on a particular market for extensive training and Trade Plans specific to that market.

Here are links to read about each segment of the University education:


This is all about the fundamentals of trading.  In this coursework we cover what we consider the crucial core fundamentals to be a successful active trader.  Some of those areas are:
  • Choosing a Broker
  • Selecting Your Charting Platform
  • The Right Use of Technical Analysis
  • Setting up Your Trading Workstation
  • Trading Psychology
  • Risk Management and Trading Management
  • Choosing Your Style of Trading (Day Trading, Swing Trading, Position Trading)
  • Selecting between Forex, Futures and Equities and Options


Here is where we teach you, in real-time the trading strategies that make up the backbone of the Premier Trader University curriculum.  Our strategies are indicator based with exact trading rules for every situation.  You will always know exactly where to enter your chosen market, where to place your stop, where to set your profit target.  You’ll also be fully empowered to know how to manage an ongoing trade whether that means reducing risk or locking profits with trailing stops.
  • Other Core Concepts We Cover Include:
  • Utilizing our “Power of Quitting” Strategy – “Get In, Get Out, Get Done”
  • Learning about Key Levels
  • Learning how to Use Chart Level Adjustments
  • Trailing Trades for Larger Gains
  • Setting proper Risk Management Before Any Trade
  • Implementing a Pre-Designed Trade Plan as well as Developing Your Own Trade Plans


The Major is where you get to specialize in one (or more) of your chosen market groups.  There is a major for Futures Trading, Forex Trading and Stock/Options Trading.  This gives us an opportunity to train and teach you very specific content related to your major.  The entire focus of a Major class is devoted to this market group.  This is where we can help you add a few percentage points to your win/loss ratio which can lead to a significant bump to your trading bottom-line.

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