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Weekly Profits Consistently Builds Wealth with Trend Jumper


Weekly profits consistently builds wealth.  This seems like a no-brainer, and it is, but for most traders, it does not come easily.  If you knew however, that you could trade a method that would end the week with a consistently positive result 75 to 90% of the time, would you be able to stick to the tradeplan without question?

Most traders would answer YES to that question and yet when reviewing what they actually did vs what they said they would do proves that ‘saying’ and ‘doing’ are two different things.  Most traders are just people ‘trying’ to be traders.  There is a big difference between ‘traders’ and people trying to be traders.  Consistent weekly profits come from a professional mindset that is a prerequisite to actually being a real trader instead of someone trying to trade.

What does that mean?  Simply, if you can follow a well researched tradeplan per the rules, as if you were running and operating a real business per its rules, then you have a fighting chance of real success.  The PTU Trend Jumper lays it all out for consistent weekly profits.  It’s easy to learn and the tradeplans are proven with long term, ongoing winning track records.  You just have to execute the plan like a professional.  ‘People trying to trade’ just get in their own way.  Get out of your own way and you will be taking the first major step towards consistent weekly profits.

Here are some examples of PTU Trend Jumper consistent weekly profits:

  • Today the DAX was one and done with +49 points for 1225 Euros.  This week it ended with +210.5 points.  It ends the week positive a whopping 95.2% of the time.
  • Heating Oil Futures was one and done with + 50 ticks for $210.  It ended the week with + 233 ticks.  It finishes with positive weekly profits 88% of the time.
  • Soybean futures ends today one and done for + 3.75 points.  It finished the week with + 15.75 points, going one and done for a perfect five for five this week.  It has super consistent weekly profits, 85.7%.
  • EURJPY ended one and one today for + 96 pips, gaining + 320 pips for the week.  It sports a very consistent weekly profit rate of 78.3% which is fantastic for a forex daytrade plan that has endured the test of time for nearly 2 straight years.

There were plenty of other markets finishing with strong weekly profits.  As of the time I am writing this post, many markets are still trading and the results for today are not yet in.  The above markets are those that finished quickly today, despite today being the dreaded options expiration day.

Here are a few more of our favorite day trade markets that earn consistent weekly profits:

  • Dow eMini YM; 77.8%
  • Crude Oil; 85.7%
  • Russell eMini TF; 85.7%

Spot checking other markets like ES, NQ, Gold Futures, Silver Futures and others also show similarly consistent weekly profits with the PTU Trend Jumper.  The profits are there.  It’s up to the trader to actually BE a trader and get those weekly profits!  That’s what it’s all about.

Today’s opening DAX trade gained + 49 points at 25 Euros per point.  Our tradeplan has us quitting the session after this one win.  It’s all we need for consistent weekly profits and the consequent growth in equity that one gets with this kind of professional ‘trader’ mindset and method.  Moreover, we keep our trade costs to a bare bones minimum.  “People trying to trade” don’t realize how much trade costs kill your ongoing weekly profits.  Professional traders do!


Small Trade Setups? Don’t Ignore Them!


Small trade setups are some of the best trades you can take.  I love them.  The reason is because they typically require very small risk but can lead to large gains, giving you insanely favorable risk:reward ratios.  Especially if you are using the Trend Jumper. Small trade setups, using the Trend Jumper Trading Strategy, can get […]

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Positive Risk:Reward Ratios Make for Fast Recoveries


Positive risk:reward ratios are one of our most potent tools with the Trend Jumper when it comes to enduring profitability.  It is impossible to control what price action will do and sometimes the most obvious winning setups are the ones that just are not going to work out.  That’s trading.  Moreover, it is often the most […]

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Worst Trading Week for Futures?


“Worst trading week for futures since last April” is what was being stated on CNBC today.  I was listening to this with great amusement as I was day trading my typical Trend Jumper Tradeplans.  If this was the worst trading week for futures, then I hope that every week is as bad as this one. […]

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Day Trading Crude Oil Futures for Big Summer Profits


Day trading crude oil futures for big summer profits is a great way to limit your chart time, ring the cash register and then get outside and enjoy yourself.  After all, isn’t that what life is all about?  I just finished updating the Trend Jumper 377 tick crude oil tradeplan, having just returned from vacation, […]

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Options Expiration is Hard to Trade, but Profits CAN be Made

I do NOT like trading during Options Expiration but there are often some good trades to be had.  It’s just a matter of knowing your tradeplan.  For me, I always lower my expectations and try to pick off my winner quickly.  If I can’t, I just walk away with a bruised shinbone.  I will not […]

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Summer Profits DO Exist so Long as You are Resolute and Committed to your Tradeplan


Summer profits are available and it is the usual suspects of preferred markets that continue to ring the register for us.  June started for us in a rather strong fashion, hitting profitable goals early on in the session, supporting the idea that summer profits can be had and that our equities will grow over the […]

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Daytrading the EURJPY with the Trend Jumper

The EURJPY is one of the best, most consistent forex pairs to daytrade.  With the Trend Jumper, we have seen consistent profits and a steadily growing equity curve for nearly two straight years with no reason to believe that it will stop working.  The tradeplan we use to trade the EURJPY was designed for MT4 […]

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Trend Jumper FX — Last Chance!

The Trend Jumper FX is still on the market but all good things come to an end and in the next day or so, The Trend Jumper FX will be off the market.  In case you missed yesterday’s final live demo, here is the replay video.  If you were thinking about the Trend Jumper FX, […]

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