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Back from our Trend Jumper Pro Plus Advanced Training in Las Vegas


Last week we finished another Trend Jumper Pro Plus Advanced Training Session that we held both online and in person at the Monte Carlo Hotel, Las Vegas.  We had a great time meeting those that came to join us.  During the training we focused on all the enhanced tools that come loaded with the Trend Jumper Pro Plus, including the Trade Assist (automation).

We unveiled brand new automated tradeplans for a variety of markets:

  • Daily Stock Charts; AAPL, DUST, SLB
  • A brand new scalping approach for the Russell eMini, TF

Here is an example of a  performance reports for one of the new plans.  Most importantly, Trend Jumper Pro Plus Traders were taught how to go about pursuing their own ideas.  Opportunities are practically endless with the Trend Jumper Pro Plus.

New GBPUSD 4 hour tradeplan using enhanced Trend Jumper Pro Plus Tools




Next up?

Counter Punch Trader, our newest strategy, is rolling back around for its Spring Time Launch and will also include a Brand New Advanced Calculator and its own Advanced Training that will be broadcast online and held in person in London, the week of June 13 through June 19, exact dates to be announced later this month.

Russell eMini Makes New Equity Highs


The Russell eMini has been on fire during a time of the year that has typically been tough to trade.  That was before the invention of the Trend Jumper however.  Last year we saw excellent profit growth as well.  This year, the Russell eMini is already up + 56.4 points per our two position approach.

If you are following our model tradeplan with running tally of the Russell eMini, you should be happy to see that the initial $5000 starting balance has already grown to nearly $11,000 in just a little over five months.  That’s more than a 200% annualized return.  Moreover, per the tradeplan, last week a 2nd position was just added.

Russell eMini weekly totals over the past 4 weeks

  • Last week, the Russell eMini ended with + 7.9 points for $790.
  • The Prior week, ending 2/6; + 7.6 points
  • The week ending 1/30; + 9.9 points
  • 1/23; + 13.9 points, etc.

Check out the model tradeplan with running tally here

Today the Russell eMini was one and done for a record profit level gaining + 1.7 points





The Model Russell eMini Tradeplan has Broken the $9000 Level

We have been tracking a model Russell eMini tradeplan using one of our signature Trend Jumper methods with the Russell eMini as traded in our live traderoom.  In case you haven’t been following along, check it out here.  You will see the tradeplan that we are following on this blog fully described along with the […]

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When are Losing Trades a Good Thing?


Losing trades are a good thing when they are trades that your tradeplan says you need to take.  Many traders get discouraged when their plan starts off the session with a series of losing trades.  No one likes their first trade to be a loss and worse when the second trade also loses.  Three losing trades in a […]

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New Tradeplans Announced for Swing Trading Stocks and ETFs

New Tradeplans are scheduled to be released throughout the next few months focusing on stocks and ETFs.  The Trend Jumper loves Stocks and ETFs and there are so many great trade opportunities in many different sectors.  Individual stocks like LULU, PCLN and CELG to name just a few each have their own tradeplans.  The opportunities […]

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Futures Trading Finish Strong; Starts Strong Too


Our futures trading delivered generous gifts for Xmas this year, as it typically does every year.  Printing money should probably be illegal but that is exactly what we have been doing with our Trend Jumper futures trading.  Our favorite markets continue to ring the register. Some Futures Trading Highlights: Crude oil:  Closed the year at […]

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Interesting Trades, Incredibly Profitable Week

It was a very interesting week of trading with huge market volatility and very profitable trading as we were able to take advantage of the gigantic swings both up and down.  We love this kind of wild, wild, west, market action.  In this video I walk through a number of the most interesting trades this […]

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December Trading Finishing Strong


December profits continue with Trend Jumper as we continue to take advantage of the return of market volatility and good price movement in all our favorite markets. Even as Crude Oil prices continue to drop to multi year low levels, our Crude Oil trading profits continue to go up, up and up.  As I write this […]

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Russell eMini Continues to Post Winners


The Russell eMini posted decent profits for the month of November.  I was out of town for a few weeks and have just begun to catch up with what happened while I was away.  The two position approach for the Russell eMini gained + 18.3 points for the week, winning 3 of 4 weeks.  It […]

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Crude Oil Futures and the EURJPY with Trend Jumper

What do Crude Oil Futures and the EURJPY have in common?  They are both great day trading markets and they both made record equity high profit levels today with our long running tradeplans using the PTU Trend Jumper Trading Strategy. In this short video I walk you through today’s trades that ended another strong week […]

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