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Russell eMini Gains + 10.7 points and New Record Profit Levels


The Russell eMini was one and done again today, this time gaining 10.7 points on a very straight forward trade that had us profiting from the market sell-off.   As traders, we couldn’t care less if the market goes up or down.  All we care about is that it goes somewhere.  Today, it did.

Last week, the Russell eMini was one and done, each of the 5 sessions, for a perfect 5 for 5 and a weekly result of + 12.6.  Today, in one trade we nearly matched that.  This is a very exciting time of year for Trend Jumper and PTU Traders.  While we had a great summer, hitting record profit levels in the face of slow, low volatility and low range markets, now we are poised to strap on our seat belts and enjoy some high flying volatility and increases in trade ranges.  That’s what typically happens and I don’t see this year being any different.

Here’s a look at today’s Russell eMini trade using the all powerful PTU Trend Jumper Pro Plus Tool Set, currently being offered with our Fall enrollment.  Classes begin this October 1st and while these always sell out, there are still some seats available.  This session will prove to be another excellent round of training as we focus in on the powerful tools in the Pro Plus Calculator and Trade Assist (automation).

Today’s Russell eMini Trade



Many other markets and tradeplans that we have been using long term, continue to make record profit levels.

Today, the DAX + 42 points, Crude Oil+ 18, and Heating Oil + 88, hit record profit levels again. Soybean Futures was one and done for + 3 points.  Also, the EURJPY 5 minute plan is coming off a record profit levels last week, when it gained + 630 pips over the last two weeks!

It was the Trend Jumper Reversal that produced the + 88 ticks on Heating Oil Today.

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Trade Profits Keep Pouring in with Trend Jumper

Our trade profits continue to climb as all our favorite markets keep making new record equity highs.  The DAX is on a tear, winning another 4 sessions.  It hasn’t had a losing session since July 30th, and before that, July 11th.  Today it finished with + 5.5 points.  Yesterday it finished with + 67.5 points.  Our dynamic goal setting strategy, the ‘Power of Quitting,’ continues to serve us well.

This Week’s Trade Profits
  • DAX; + 118 points. The DAX continues to win every session, currently enjoying a 27 consecutive session winning streak!  Today it finished with + 20 points.
  • Crude Oil Futures; + 100 ticks and all new equity highs
  • YM; + 93 points and all new equity highs
  • TF; + 15.1 points and all new equity highs
  • Heating Oil Futures; + 241 ticks and new equity highs
  • Soybean Futures; + 9.5 points near all time equity highs
  • EURJPY 5 min Chart; + 320 pips and all new equity highs


Be sure to track our model trade portfolio for the Russell eMini, the very same tradeplan we use in the live traderoom.  The purpose is to show how the Trend Jumper can be traded for ongoing profits, even if beginning with a small account.  You’ll see the link at the top of this blog.  Even if you trade a different market, you can follow this same idea.  You’ll see that by simply following tradeplan, and trade the Trend Jumper in the way it is intended to be traded, you too will enjoy the constant experience of trade profits pouring in.

We also just came out with the new Trend Jumper Reversal Trader.  Check back soon for a list of the Reversal Trader tradeplans that are already available which will also, keep the trade profits pouring in.

The Trend Jumper Reversal Trader

The Trend Jumper Reversal Trader is now available as a stand alone strategy.  It is a very low cost and effective strategy and allows a brand new entry level way to get involved with the powerful PTU Trend Jumper. This video explains how.

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GBPUSD Gains Over + 1000 Pips as it Falls Against the US Dollar

ScreenHunter_67 Aug. 20 05.35

The GBPUSD is one of several forex pairs beginning to breakout of its multi-month malaise of low range, low volatility price movement and Trend Jumper is taking advantage of it.  Check out this current trade using an MT4 chart where you can plainly see the GBPUSD falling against the strengthening dollar as it loses ground and gives […]

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New Trade Profits Today on ALL our Favorite Daytrade Markets


Today was one of those days when every single market we daytrade hit it’s ‘power of quitting’ goals with the very first trade; one and done, in other words, posting new trade profits in all our favorite markets.  We just welcomed over 100 brand new Trend Jumper Members and many of them were in the […]

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Soybean Futures Finishes in FOUR Minutes Today; + 6.75 Points


Soybean Futures is one of my favorite markets to trade, and here’s why.  Today, I was done with my trading in 4 minutes!  I love ending the week like this.  While the difficult ES (S&P eMini) traded inside a 2 point range, Soybean Futures, which is also $50 per point and $12.50 per tick, gave […]

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eMini Futures Yank Out Positive Gains for the Week with a Strong Finish


EMini Futures challenged us mid-week with low range, low volatility trading.  There was very little news to move the markets this week, and the eMini futures just wanted to drift sideways, which is why this time of year is called the ‘Dawg Days of August.”  As soon as the Ukrainian news hit the wire, in […]

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GBP Dropping Against a Strengthening US Dollar; Trend Jumper Put us in Front of the Move


Today we demonstrated the Trend Jumper to a live audience with nearly 300 people in attendance, showing off today’s trades from the markets we follow and trade every day.  We are holding another webinar in about an hour so I’ll keep this short and post the results from today’s session. We were treated to a […]

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Favorite Daytrade Markets Start the Week Strong


Our favorite Daytrade Markets were off and running this morning, posting respectable gains to start the week.  Despite being a slow “Dawg Days of August” type of session with no real news to move the markets, prices were swinging very nicely this morning.  Here are the highlights: DAX Futures; + 13.5 points Crude Oil Futures; […]

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How to Trade the Hottest, Most Profitable Markets

Learn it once, trade it for a lifetime!  That’s one of the great benefits of the Trend Jumper.  Use it for trading multiple markets.  If the market is moving, it will put you in front of the moves.  We already saw how it can identify near term support and resistance levels from which to trade […]

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