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Interesting Trades, Incredibly Profitable Week

It was a very interesting week of trading with huge market volatility and very profitable trading as we were able to take advantage of the gigantic swings both up and down.  We love this kind of wild, wild, west, market action.  In this video I walk through a number of the most interesting trades this week in a variety of different markets, both futures and forex.  It’s a great example of how we use the Trend Jumper and the Live Traderoom to consistently profit from these long running, reliable tradeplans.  Each market highlighted in this video broke out to all new record profit levels for this year and the life of the tradeplan.  Check it out.

Check out some of this week’s most interesting trades that led to record profit levels in many different markets

December Trading Finishing Strong


December profits continue with Trend Jumper as we continue to take advantage of the return of market volatility and good price movement in all our favorite markets.

Even as Crude Oil prices continue to drop to multi year low levels, our Crude Oil trading profits continue to go up, up and up.  As I write this post, I am witnessing Crude Oil Futures push down on $58 per barrel in real time.  Meanwhile, today we hit all time record profit levels with the same tradeplan we’ve been using for over 2 years.

  • Crude Oil Futures, using our long time favorite 377 tick chart, won 8 out of 9 trades this week for a nifty + .95 in profits, $950 before commissions.  Many new Trend Jumper Members recently took advantage of our  special for Trend Jumper and if trading our longest and one of our most successful tradeplans, have nearly recouped their entire cost in just one week and 9 trades.
    • Crude prices keep going down which is great for us at the pumps but it is even better as we continue to trade Crude, both up and down and watch our profits soar.
    • Best of all, the time commitment to successfully trade this market is typically very little.  Many of our trades and sessions lasted just a few minutes and we were done.  It’s not like that everyday but it’s not the exception either.

There are many great opportunities to report.  The Dow eMini is on a roll.  Yesterday we caught a 100 point trade in the traderoom, one and done…

See yesterday’s Dow eMini (YM) trade that gained +100 points to help in adding to our December profits


So many  opportunities to make this a wonderful holiday season.  Soybean futures have been consistent as well.

  • This week, Soybean futures gained over +24 points.  Could you imagine how difficult it would be to gain + 24 points daytrading the ES, the most popular futures market (and most difficult)?  Yes, it can be done but you have to work SO hard to get there.  I trade because I don’t want to work so hard!!  Yet Soybean Futures trades with the same pricing structure, AND you typically get filled when you hit your target objectives!  This week we won 6 out of 10 trades and were often finished with our goals in hand in just a matter of minutes.  That’s my idea of work.

Have you seen our ongoing running Russell eMini tradeplan and model account balance (based on a hypothetical $5000 starting trade account)?  Today it hit record NET profit levels, $8660.  That is a 57% NET gain in just a few monthsTo see the trades and to follow along go here.

  • December profits for the Russell eMini (TF) have been quite generous already.  Today we were one and done, gaining +4.8 points, giving us + 13.9 points for the week per our two position standard approach and all new record profit levels.
  • Last week, being the first week of December, we ended the week up + 20.2 points.  In just two weeks, new Trend Jumper Members could have nearly tripled their investment in the Trend Jumper just by trading the Russell eMini.  The same tradeplan we are tracking on this blog.  To see the trades and to follow along go here

Other futures and forex markets plus a universe of stocks and ETFs can be traded with the Trend Jumper.

December opportunities are plentiful and will continue to be so.  Yet so many people are still on the sidelines watching instead of reaping the harvest.  It’s still not too late to make your holidays a very merry and successful experience with the Trend Jumper.

Ask about our new leasing program.  Let your profits pay the way.  It’s never been easier to get started.  Send inquiries to



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