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Futures Trading Course Reviews

Before I found Netpicks, I did not know the first thing about Futures Trading.  I had traded some stocks and options.  Mostly tips from a broker or friend talking about a hot stock.  I had also traded forex for about 5 years before that.  I really did not find much success in most of my past trades.  I might make some good money on a trade only to give it back on another trade.  I did not have a plan or really any indicators or system.   I became a client with Netpicks and started to actually have a plan and a system that was working.  The founders of Netpicks kept improving their system as they were trading it each day and worked to improve the performance.  That is something you should look for in a Trading Course, a system that can grow with you and still be used many years later.

A few years later, I joined Netpicks as a coach and a trader; we started up a live Futures Trade room.  This was moderated by TJ Noon and me as backup.  This was a unique experience for me.  To call trades out live, that others would take and there you are live, not knowing if the trade would win or lose.  It really makes you grow as a trader.  You learn to lean on the system and not blame yourself if the trade lost.  You did not do anything wrong, you can’t always win and even the best systems lose sometimes.

So, here is the question of the Ages.   What should you look for in a futures trading course?

  1.  Simplicity.  You should be able to learn it quickly and give exact signals with entries, stops and targets clearly defined.
  2.  Detailed.  You want the system to give you a trade plan so you know how to trade the market each and every day.
  3.  Support.  You want a system that you can follow along and learn with the trade experts. This can be in a live trade room or in remote support to your computer.
  4. Updates.  You want to know that the system is being used by the developers and they are looking at ways to improve
  5. Flexible.  You want the system that can be used on different markets so that you can pick the one that suite you’re trading account and your trading style.
  6.  Comfortable.  Finally, you want a system that does not take excessive risk and that you can trade with peace of mind and not sweat every trade.
  7. Guarantee.  A company stands behind the course and system and will bend over backwards to make sure that you are satisfied.

These are many of the things you should look for when considering a trading course.  I know that there are hundreds of people selling courses and systems.  I have looked at several other top rated ones, just to compare, but they all seem to fall short in one or more of the above areas.  If they can’t cover these 7 important issues, then you should look elsewhere.  Let me show you a chart of exactly what I mean by a simple system and detailed plan.

 Futures Course Reviews - PTU Chart

Notice how simple and clean the chart looks.  There are not 4 or 5 things that need to line up to tell you that you might want to place a trade.  The calculator gives you the exact entry stop and target and then even moves the stop to cut risk or lock in more profit.  We give you the exact start time for this well tested plan.  So, yes the first trade had a small loss, but the second trade was a very nice winner and you were done for the day with good profits.  The whole trading day was less than 2 hours.  Do you think you can trade something as clear and simple as this?  How about if we trade it along side of you in our live trade room.  Do you think that would make a difference in your trading?  We think it will and that is why we offer all of this to you as a Student and fellow Trader.  Take a look at what Dan has to say about our system.

I’ve been working at this for about 10 years now and have never had a profit curve headed in the right direction until now. I’ve been in demo mode for 4 months now have I nice profit. Took a small account live on Jan. 6 and I like what I’m seeing my back testing shows it much easier for a 2 lot trader, but I’m seeing nice small profits with my 1 lot, I want to say thanks to everyone involved

I am not sure where you are in your Futures Trading journey, but I can assure you, we work with new and veteran traders and if you don’t give up we won’t.  Dan was search for 10 years for consistent profits and I am just glad he finally found us.  I will attach a link for some great free education and we hope to see you on our next live webinar.  Good Trading.